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These interventions consciously combine different disciplines, like e.g. art and science. They also bring together different groups and individuals such as welfare- and medical professionals, caregivers and patients. Interaction between them creates synergy and facilitates innovation. Overall aims are:
to empower people, to contribute to quality of life and inclusion.

Tuinhof de Moed draws inspiration and the capacity to make it happen from art, philosophy and lived experience. By using an interdisciplinary approach, coupling organization with design, new connections
are invited.

After the initial encounter with a group of people with dementia in 2003 in Amsterdam, several projects
for this target group followed.

Communication, identity, expression and meeting each other are at the heart of these projects and interventions. Art can facilitate meaningful communication, especially when other methods are limited.
It has proved to be a valuable tool for restoration and re-connection between people with dementia
and caregivers. The power of imagination emboldens both groups and brings them closer together.