The selection shows different projects which derive from an approach which combines attention for content with its visualization in imagery. Check for complementary information the Curriculum Vitae.

Bewogen vertelling over het beloofde land Kraggenburg 13+14/09/2014  Performance for the Foundation: Stichting Herbergen within the artproject: 24 uur Noordoostpolder. Text and direction of the performance: A. Tuinhof de Moed.



Postgraduate Research Athens  2012 – 2014
Application of ancient philosophy for consideration of societal questions in contemporary Athens from new perspectives. Exploration of questions concerning: democracy, difference, change, resistance. Insights are put together in the book: Αθήνα. Sense of Χώρα and Ακήδια in Contemporary Athens.


Craftsmanship CoverGood Work: The Ethics of Craftsmanship Utrecht 2012 Conference at the University of Humanistic Studies. Managerial Craftsmanship: The Technique of Making Paradoxes Productive. Recognition, Reflection & Facilitation of Khôra & Acedia. Presentation on applications of philosophy in favor of management, new perspectives on organization dynamics and ‘change’ and ‘resistance’.

Omslag ScriptieMaster of Arts in Humanistic Studies Utrecht 2011 Field of Study: Critical Organization and Intervention Studies. Research: Khôra for difference. Don’t mess with Mister in Between. Literature study & art project exploring the meaning of khôra in Plato, Derrida and possible applications thereof in actual society.

PublicationQualitative research Paris, Amsterdam 2008-2010
2008 Design and performance of qualitative research method which applies arts to decrease researcher censorship and to increase nuance of data. 2009 Invited to present method: ‘Pratique des méthodes qualitatives de recherches: ficelles du métier, méthodes innovantes et perspectives spécifiques’. Organised by Télécom & Management SudParis.
2010 Publication: Ed. Houweling, L., Kuiper, C., Letiche, H.  Praktijkgericht onderzoek in de praktijk. Den Haag: Boom/Lemma. Chapter 2 ‘I WISH’ Tuinhof de Moed, A.