the line

Last week I listened to an interview in which a writer clarified something about ‘good writing’. In the process of creation there is a thin line between being just in control but not very much she explained. And I was touched by this, since this seems to apply to so many parts of life when we experience something as valuable or meaningful.

At the rim of control/surrender we open up ourselves consciously, we are alert and attentive to what happens. Life can move through us, we are ‘not in its way’. This requires a certain state of being that we are not necessarily always in… When we do things we have not done before we naturally perceive them as risky. Disclosing things can feel scary too. To develop and evolve we then need both courage and curiosity. How is it that your sources of these are filled?

Tjitske Jansen writes poetry that at the same time precisely depicts and also lightens up daily life with all its joy and struggles. This week’s poem is written by her, it may indicate a way towards willing our wells for growth and creation.

Invitation: A small inquiry at the rim of control/surrender.
Attend: Are these rims stable, stagnant, or do they shift and if they do, when does this happen?