Last week I visited several exhibitions. At Kunstmuseum den Haag I saw Judith Joy Ross’ portraits made in the United States. The closeness to the persons portrayed struck me, as if I could touch and smell them and I would almost spontaneously talk to some of them. 

Judith Joy Ross uses her camera as a tool for connection and transcendence. In her own words: “Without a camera, I am often anxious and unforgiving in my judgment.” “With a camera, I can come to see and make sense of it all.”

Additionally, I saw the exhibition Becoming Ovartaci at Cobra Museum Amstelveen. It shows the enormous productivity of Danish artist Ovartaci, born as Louis Andriessen. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia the artist is forced to stay at the psychiatric department of the Risskov Hospital in Aarhus. Her doctors notice the positive effect of making art and facilitate her in creating artworks and can therefore prescribe her less medication.

Both artists reveal the power of creation and being in the world with ‘an artist focus’. Yoga and meditation contain a similar strength. Dedicated to daily practice, I can stay closely connected to body and mind. Which helps me being less judgmental and facilitate an open approach towards life.

Invitation: Use the body as instrument to connect to inner- and outer landscapes.
Attend: Moments of connection.