The Dutch theologian and emeritus professor Frits de Lange recently explored how to deal best with contingency and concludes: by dancing with it. The metaphysical dream of a stable, or divine order or meaning of existence that has been cherished so long has evaporated. Western philosophy always suggested that, although we may at first be distanced from this, in the end it would be possible to unravel this mystery and understand the divine order. De Lange states that the metaphysical dream of order and rest could only be maintained at the cost of others; by exploiting other parts of the world and its inhabitants.

Nowadays we must admit we are not at a distance from the world and the presupposed divine order. We ourselves are part of all the different powers that constitute the world. Besides that, we will have to let go of the illusion of this inner order… In de Lange’s words:  “life is not about dancing on, but wíth the volcano.”

De Lange pleads for an embodied being and acting in the world. Yoga and meditation can be helpful for living the here and now. At the same time using awareness to figure out our own (re)sources that we may have discovered yesterday. Like an experience or imagery that has struck us in such a way that we have felt complete or experienced it as a visualization of something we would like to work towards for ourselves. 

Invitation: Explore body as an instrument to empty the mind and reconnect.
Attend: New openings and horizons.
Poem: We reizen samen (Hester Knibbe, 1992)