A place where you weren’t born, that feels all the more like a place where you belong…
Hard to describe in a rational way but the feeling of recognition is clear and uncomplicated.

Nearing holidays, looking forward to belong there again, although at a distance from my home ground. It’s as if I can hear a holm sound, calling me to return. ‘Holm Sound’ by Erland Cooper inspired this week’s theme, because it struck me right where I was in heart and mind.

This week invites you to return to your ‘holm’; the island inside where you find peace. The place where it’s easy to reconnect because you recognize it as your own, the place where you are always at ease with yourself.

Take a deeper breath and dive, swim around and climb to the heart, take a rest, behold the wide horizon, breathe, allow yourself to be opened by it…

The next three weeks I’ll be following my holm sound, see you again on Monday May 23!

Invitation: Travel to your holm.
Attend: What opens up?